5 Benefits of Aadhaar Card By Indian Government You must know

Aadhaar card has brought in a great revolution in India. You can now connect every important document like PAN card, Bank account with your Aadhaar card. For the people who are not aware of what an Aadhaar card is? An Aadhaar card contains a unique identification number which is given to every Indian resident. This number is a centralized and universal identification number (UID). Aadhaar card number or card is actually a biometric card which consists of all personal and identification details of a person living in India. It’s actually a government database stored for the welfare of the public.

So now as you are aware of what an Aadhaar card is, so let’s discuss what sort of benefits you can claim if you hold an Aadhaar card.

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5 Benefits of Aadhaar Card By Indian Government:

The following are the benefits of having an Aadhaar card issued by the government in your name.

#1 Opening Bank accounts without any mess :

With the help of Aadhaar card, you can skip all the struggle you faced to bring in your documents to show as proof while opening a bank account. Now you simply complete your KYC process with the help of Aadhaar card alone.

#2 Getting Passport avoiding delays :

Remember the days when to get a passport you need to wait for months but now with the help of Aadhaar card you can avail your passport within 10 days. Unbelievable right? but its true, You just to apply for the passport using your aadhaar card along with their application. Within 3 days you will be given an appointment and a police verification will be scheduled for some later date. This process couldn’t be simpler than this.

#3 Recieve your pension hassle free :

Aadhaar card just came as a blessing to all retired personals and senior citizens who wait for their pensions. This has simplified their task and there is no need for them to run to the bank every month and look if they got their amount or not. Aadhaar makes sure that they get their timely payouts.

#4 LPG Subsidy :

In order to receive your LPG subsidy, you can easily avail that by connecting your aadhaar card to your bank account. Not only LPG subsidy but now you can avail all government subsidies directly using aadhaar card with your bank account and no need to sign up every time.

#5 Digital Life certificate :

You can now use your Aadhaar Card registration number online to get a digital life certificate. This will help you to continue getting your pension without the hassle of physically going to the bank and submitting the life certificate. This reduces the need for physical legwork and strain.

Hence these were the 5 benefits of having an Aadhaar card. There are several more benefits but these are the most important ones. Do let us know if you have any questions for us and we shall try to solve it as soon as possible. Thanks for spending your valuable time on this page.

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