Woman Gets Arrested

Woman Gets Arrested For Shitting Her Boss’ Desk. But What She Has Today Will Make You Jealous!

If you ever made survey on this, there are lots of people wants to quit their job. Like that there was a woman where she got the lottery and made her dream come true but she decided to quit to whole thing out. She is about 42 years old and discovered that she had won the lottery of $3 million of ticket. She got the news from Friday night and she already began to write a resign letter for her boss to quit the job.

You need to read out this story in order to get the complete details.

There are lots of ways you can quite job. This is one of the way which can’t imagined by any person.

Is that gave you any hint?

Yeah! She won $ 3 million lottery which is truly a lots of money and she already planned to quit the job.

Her actions made her boss looks like gross then she was arrested by police where her boss reported the case against her.

Then she gave the ultimate reply to her boss.

The manager in the office said that he slowly opened the door to search the woman with her pants around her ankles, hunched over his desk like a hippopotamus dropping a massive poo on his desk.”

Is that needed to happen? What really you guys think? Is that worth?

We can’t imagine, how much fine should she get from him?

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